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CLA in Action: Five Missions Gather to Learn from Each Other

As my colleague Monalisa Salib had previously discussed, we on LEARN feel strongly that it is important to “walk the talk” and so I was excited when I was invited to join USAID staff in a CLA Peer Sharing Event last week. USAID/Uganda, a mission on the forefront of CLA, hosted representatives from four other missions in the region—Ethiopia, South Sudan, Southern Africa, and Tanzania—for a 3-day gathering to exchange “experiences, learning, examples of how CLA is being conceptualized and put into practice” across the five missions.

Participants worked together ahead of the event to crowdsource topics of particular interest to the group that could benefit from a peer-assist approach. Among the list, these included integrating monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL); operationalizing CLA; and knowledge transfer to smooth staff transitions.

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