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Europe and Eurasia

Dexis has worked across Europe and Eurasia, implementing programs and activities in anti-corruption, rule of law, monitoring and evaluation, data collection, and reporting. Dexis’ regional work includes implementing projects and evaluations in all seven Western Balkans countries.

Currently, Dexis supports justice and model court initiatives, rule of law projects, and systems that will reduce opportunities for corruption in local and national governance. In Serbia, Dexis helps to strengthen the enforcement of judgements and the State Attorney’s Office and works with the Anti-Corruption Agency and the State Audit Institution to strengthen monitoring of public officials and government performance while also collecting statistics on corruption. In Armenia, Dexis provides technical assistance to public sector institutions to implement transparency and accountability reforms in order to minimize corruption risks.

In Moldova, Dexis works with local and national actors to foster a justice system that uniformly applies the rule of law. Under the USAID/Moldova Model Court Initiative, Dexis developed national and regional Applied Political Economy Analyses, identifying several key social, political, and economic factors likely to influence opportunities and resources available to district courts, and best approaches to address current and potential challenges. The project developed an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems review report, which offers guidance regarding likely future directions in technology use in Moldovan courts and provides recommendations on ICT solutions that may be developed or expanded with project assistance.

Photo by Vitaliy Timkiv/Sputnik