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USAID/Moldova Effective Justice

The goal of the Effective Justice Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with USAID/Moldova is to foster an efficient, accessible and transparent justice system that uniformly applies the rule of law. Effective Justice will be implemented nationwide, including national level institutions based in Chisinau, in courthouses, with legal professionals at all levels, and with justice service users throughout Moldova. The project has four goals: to deliver improved justice services, strengthen the connection between courts, communities, and system users, improve the judicial and legal environment for business, and strengthen the independence of the judiciary.

The project is implemented through individual Task Orders. The first, the Model Court Initiative (MCI), which will be implemented from 2021 through 2023, is intended to improve the performance of courts in delivering quality justice services. The MCI Task Order has two elements: targeted assistance to improve functioning and services of selected model courts, and national level assistance to support the improvement of courts at the local level.

Under a second task order, Support to the Pre-Vetting Secretariat, Dexis will help establish and support a secretariat for the purpose of reviewing the integrity of candidates for judicial and prosecutorial administration bodies.

Under the third task order, the Justice and Anti-Corruption Reform Activity (JARA) will support the Moldovan Government’s efforts to implement justice reform and promote its anti-corruption commitments. JARA will contribute to the establishment and operation of a mini-secretariat to monitor the implementation of the Justice Development Strategy for 2022-2025 (hereinafter referred to as the Justice Strategy) and its corresponding Plan; pursue implementation of specific activities from the Justice Strategy and Plan, including targeted assistance for the extraordinary evaluation of judges and prosecutors; and advance anti-corruption reform through implementation of specific commitments to be fulfilled by Moldova in light of its EU candidacy status.