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Dexis Consulting Group is committed to conducting our business in an ethical and proper manner, in accordance with our values and our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Dexis requires everyone who represents our interests to observe all applicable laws. Individuals are accountable for their actions.

At Dexis, our values are integrity, ingenuity, and investment in people. Integrity is Dexis’ foundation. It serves as our uncompromising guarantee of honest and ethical behavior, and our corporate commitment to responsive and friendly customer service. Integrity resonates throughout our work and is at the root of the quality that infuses everything we do. Transparency and decency allow us to build strong relationships with our staff, clients, and vendors that enable us to deliver quality services.

Our Business Conduct Principles

  • Treat others with respect
  • Be a good business partner
  • Keep complete and truthful records
  • Protect Dexis and client assets
  • Maintain objectivity in decision-making
  • Uphold the integrity of the procurement process
  • Exercise integrity in recruiting and hiring
  • Follow U.S. law and international agreements on corruption

Dexis’ Human Resources team manages ethics, with support from our Contracts team on contractual compliance. Dexis’ Code of Business Ethics and Conduct applies to all our employees and independent contractors performing responsibilities on behalf of Dexis. Dexis expects the highest standards of ethical business conduct and compliance as employees and contractors perform their responsibilities. Dexis requires new employees to acknowledge that they have received and read the Employee Handbook and Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. Dexis provides annual training for employees on Government Contracting Procurement Integrity and Harassment in the Workplace where staff must review our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct and are reminded of options for reporting issues.

Anyone who discovers or is made aware of any potentially unlawful or unethical activity related to Dexis projects, business practices, or activities should report it to Dexis. Reports may be made directly or anonymously.

Reporting a Concern

  • To report a concern or ask a question, please contact Vice President of People and Culture Laura Dabkowski at ldabkowski@dexisonline.com.
  • For those situations where the reporting individual wishes to remain anonymous, please report your concern below. All reports will be handled with seriousness and with discretion. Regardless of how an employee reports a concern, Dexis will respond to each situation promptly and appropriately.
  • Information on how to report a concern is also available in local languages for project offices: Armenia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Jordan, KosovoMexico, Moldova, and Poland.