Strategic Communications

Using data-driven, audience-centered approaches to engage diverse communities in setting their own goals

Dexis delivers a full range of communication services and products to help our partners achieve their objectives and showcase the real impact of their work. We aid our clients in using data-driven, audience-centered approaches to engage diverse communities in setting their own goals. To best reach our target audiences, we invest in formative research, social media analysis, target audience selection, and product testing, and engage online and broadcast distribution networks. Our work in this area also supports the U.S. Government in countering disinformation and malign influence by near peer competitors.

Our staff include subject matter experts in communications, social media, marketing, production, and research and analytics. Our strategic communications work has reached millions of people with targeted messaging; increased media literacy; countered online hate speech and debunked fake news; and improved outreach and communications between government and civil society.

Areas of Expertise

  • Audience analysis
  • Cultural and regional expertise
  • Combating disinformation
  • Event planning
  • Media literacy training
  • Media placement and distribution
  • Message development
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Research and analytics
  • Social media analysis
  • Design and production (broadcast, print, and social media campaigns)

Combatting disinformation: know your audience

Disinformation – the intentional spread of falsehoods and half-truths – impacts countries and societies worldwide. Malign actors exploit the vulnerabilities, beliefs, and emotions of their targeted population to make content go viral.


Tackling big data: what it takes to raise an algorithm

We developed, trained, tested, and refined a data scraper and machine learning algorithm to collect and classify the millions of public social media posts discussing the COVID-19 vaccines before their approval.

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