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USAID/West Africa Peace through Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation II (PELA II)

In partnership with Khulisa, Dexis strengthens USAID/West Africa's CLA and M&E expertise.


USAID/West Africa (USAID/WA) supports the efforts of West Africans to peacefully address problems and West African regional institutions to respond to governance challenges as part of its Regional Development Cooperation Strategy Regional Development Objective 1, “Democracy, Peace, and Stability Enhanced.”

The purpose of the Peace through Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation II (PELA II) activity is to support USAID/West Africa’s development objective by enhancing USAID’s effectiveness in preventing and countering violent extremism, peacebuilding, and strengthening democracy, human rights, and good governance in West Africa.


In partnership with prime contractor Khulisa Management Services Inc., Dexis draws on our Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) expertise to provide flexible, responsive, and efficient support. We provide ongoing support for the implementation of a learning agenda and conducting CLA activities that enable USAID/West Africa to be introspective, knowledge-driven, and responsive to fluid programming environments and priorities.


  • Hosted listening tours and conducted literature reviews to develop an updated learning agenda for USAID/West Africa.
  • Held CLA capacity building sessions for local implementing partners.
  • Organizes and facilitates learning circle events to promote learning across USAID programming in West Africa.
  • Developed whitepaper and framework for the Mission to host and maintain a community of practice.
  • Organizing annual pause and reflect sessions for the Mission.