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Tanzania Management and Administrative Support Services Phase I & II

Seamless support ensured smooth mission operations through rapid growth.


The Tanzania Mission is one of USAID’s fastest-growing missions with one of the most complex and diverse program assistance portfolios, including health, governance, education, economic growth, and technology and innovation programs. In 2013, a mission management assessment produced recommendations related to standardizing and streamlining processes, using technology to increase productivity, building staff capacity, and improving communication and collaboration.


To support these efforts, USAID/Tanzania engaged Dexis to provide long- and short-term support within its Executive Office (EXO) in procurement, travel, information technology, innovation, facilities management, logistics, training, and other essential services. This accelerated the EXO’s ability to meet the Mission’s technical and management needs. During Phase II of the program, Dexis’ support has focused more on capacity-building activities including on-the-job mentoring and mission-wide training to help further institutionalize and strengthen mission operating procedures and to transfer responsibilities to the national staff at the end of the contract.


Dexis has improved intranet guidance, streamlined processes, and procedures, and allowed Mission customers to more easily access resources for more efficient workflows. Dexis has coordinated and led multiple all-hands staff meetings and Mission-wide training, including multiple iterations of the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People training; the international Tumaini Gender Training; and training on procurement requests, Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS), and English language. Dexis also has improved file management processes, including archiving more than 129 cubic feet of paper files. Dexis implemented a Wi-Fi access request tracking and control application, generating interest from the USAID Chief Information Officer to replicate the USAID/Tanzania application in other USAID missions and offices.