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Local Sustainability Institutional Support Contract

Fueling locally-driven development.


The USAID Local Sustainability (LS) Office within the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment was focused on deepening the Agency’s partnerships with local development actors to facilitate sustainable development. Through grants, capacity building, and material support, LS helped address challenges that local organizations face in their efforts to play leading roles in their own countries.


Dexis provided technical and management experts to the LS Office in civil society, governance, private enterprise, private capital, social enterprise, fundraising, domestic capital mobilization, community philanthropy, capacity development, evaluation, media, and organizational management. Our experts helped to implement the LS Small Grants Program (SGP, also known as Local Works), the Cooperative Development Program (CDP), and the Development Grants Program (DGP). In addition, Dexis staff embedded in LS to provided monitoring and evaluation, program design and implementation, and communications support.


  • Dexis staffed nearly half of the USAID/E3/Office of Local Sustainability, covering all three functional areas within the office.
  • Spearheaded the Local Works program through TDYs to Honduras, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Myanmar, and other partnering Mission countries, where they managed the design of future Local Works programs.
  • Collaborated on the creation of the Development Grants Program (DGP) Retrospective, the ultimate guide informing USAID/E3, USAID/Missions, US Congress, and development partners on the program’s performance and outcomes.
  • Led the Evidence and Learning team, providing technical monitoring and evaluation support to E3/LS’s mission partners and research support under the office’s Broad Agency Announcement awards.
  • Led coordination of the Agency’s first-ever Local Works Global Workshop, and created outreach strategies for the Local Works program, as well as for the entire E3/LS office.
  • Mobilized twelve Subject Matter Experts throughout the project’s lifetime, supporting the E3/LS office through M&E, facilitation, graphic design, and research expertise.