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Middle East & North Africa

Dexis has worked across the Middle East and Northern Africa region to implement programs in agriculture, stabilization and conflict management, democracy and governance, and monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Dexis has worked with USAID in the past five years in Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia. Currently, Dexis supports the USAID/Jordan Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Activity, providing technical assistance and services to both USAID and to local stakeholders through a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) framework. Dexis gives local actors the tools and skills to conduct their own monitoring, evaluation, and learning through a “Learn by Doing” approach, and then supports those actors and organizations to come together in local communities of practice. These activities will create a local cadre of experienced professionals and organizations that can deliver MEL services to USAID and to other local firms.

Photo by JACQUES Pierre/hemis.fr