21 Sep 2020

COVID-19 intensifies the need to be conflict sensitive. Here are 3 ways to integrate into the program cycle.

This International Peace Day, we take a look at how to approach conflict sensitivity as a mindset and a habit rather than an exercise. In

28 Jul 2020

Reflect and Recharge: Promoting Mental Health in a Pandemic

Dexis is using this time to examine its culture of wellbeing and to amplify its support of staff during the current pandemic and beyond.

15 Jul 2020

Can Technology Help Ease Ethnic Tension in Ethiopia?

Working with university students to flag hate speech on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

4 Jun 2020

Dialogues with Dexis | Truth in the Age of COVID-19: Three Steps to Combating Disinformation

Dexis Consulting Group and our featured panelists discussed approaches to detect and combat disinformation on June 4, 2020.

29 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Messaging in Somalia: Unplug to Connect

Analog could augment digital messaging to reduce social trauma.

22 Apr 2020

Increasing Rice Yield with Less Water in Mali: Results from a Dexis Pilot

What did we learn from our drip irrigation pilot project in Mali?

9 Apr 2020
24 Feb 2020

Chile: Disaster Readiness Done Right

What are implications for the international community?

8 Jan 2020

Cliff Notes for Disaster Readiness

Training? Yes. Certification? Depends.