Checchi Awarded New Contract in Kosovo

May 01, 2019

  • Europe and Eurasia
Technical Area
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Rule of Law

In February 2019, Checchi Consulting was awarded a five-year contract to implement the USAID-funded Commercial Justice Activity (CJA) in Kosovo. The goal of the CJA is to reduce opportunities for corruption and encourage investment in Kosovo by helping to improve the resolution of commercial disputes and the enforcement of judgments. The CJA has two components; under Component One, Checchi will work to increase the effective application of commercial law by judges, court staff, and other stakeholders. In addition, the Company will provide technical assistance to improve efficiency in the courts’ economic departments and support the Ministry of Justice in strengthening oversight of private enforcement agents. Under Component Two, Checchi will work to increase the use of alternative dispute resolution, ensure that commercial laws are in accord with European Union and international best practices, and improve public awareness of commercial dispute and enforcement mechanisms. The Company also will work to improve collaboration among private sector, government, and civil society stakeholders.