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Dexis to Manage USAID-Funded Justice Sector Reform Program in El Salvador

Washington, D.C. — Dexis Consulting Group announced today that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Company a five-year $35 million cooperative agreement to support independent and effective justice in El Salvador.

As the U.S. Government works to address the root causes of migration in Central America, projects that strengthen the justice sector, democratic governance, and advance the rule of law are critical for creating a prosperous and safe Central America.

Dexis will work alongside justice sector counterparts and civil society partners to increase the scale, reach, and quality of people-centered justice services for Salvadorans. In line with USAID’s new Rule of Law Policy, the new project will center interventions on the perspective and needs of citizens rather than structuring approaches around institutions. While institutional reform and strengthening are an important component of the project, they will be shaped not by the needs of institutions per se, but by the needs of the individuals those institutions serve.

“Dexis is excited to partner with USAID to pioneer a large-scale, people-centered justice project in El Salvador,” said Dexis President and CEO, Mihir Desai. “Dexis will bring to bear our decades-long experience in support of the justice sector in El Salvador to apply a people-centered approach that will work to build trust in the criminal justice sector from the ground up.”

Salvadorans raise flags during the 201st Salvadoran Independence Day military parade on September 15, in San Salvador, El Salvador. Photo by Camilo Freedman / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP.

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