6 Nov 2018

Innovation Insurgents

How do you make true organizational change sustainable?

15 Oct 2018

Taking Monitoring and Evaluation to the Next Level

Whole-of-project evaluation (WOPE) is a term that we are starting to hear more and more but is often misunderstood.

15 Oct 2018

Third-Party Monitoring in Conflict

What have we learned about conducting third-party monitoring in conflict-affected countries like Syria?

8 May 2017

Top 3 Myths about Collaborating, Learning & Adapting

Debunking three of the top myths the LEARN team often hears about CLA

30 Jan 2017

Lead Firm Linkages Benefit Small and Medium Food Aggregators, Processors, and Small Farmers

How do you stimulate opportunities and define tools and methods for improving the opportunities for lead firms?

14 Nov 2016

Strategies for Ending a Successful Partnership

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

30 Oct 2016

Walking the Talk: LEARN’s Pause & Reflect Practices

How could we justify spending so much time looking back at the past? How honest would my new coworkers really be?

30 Aug 2016

What USAID Has Learned from Its Public-Private Partnership Data

What does it take to collect and analyze data on the USAID's public-private partnerships?

30 Jun 2016

Unabashedly Market-Oriented: A Profile of CEO Mihir Desai

Dexis’ CEO and our company’s longtime internship program are featured in the summer 2016 edition of Macalester Today, the alumni magazine of Macalester College, a liberal arts school known for its global focus.