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Dexis Announces Consolidation of Subsidiary Checchi

On August 1, 2021, Dexis Consulting Group (Dexis) and its wholly owned subsidiary Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) were consolidated. Checchi was dissolved as an entity and its brand will be retired. In February 2020, Dexis announced the acquisition of Checchi. Checchi’s staff and projects will operate as a new Governance Division within Dexis led by James Agee, former President of Checchi. The Division will continue to provide rule of law and anti-corruption project management and technical assistance around the world. 

The consolidation allows Dexis to cross-fertilize and leverage the assets, personnel, skills, and experience of each entity more easily to provide enhanced technical services and project management capabilities to all our clients. It also allows us to provide more efficient and cost-effective back-office support to our programs by having a single back-office platform. 

“We are excited to streamline our corporate structure and consolidate our brands – refining external market positioning and creating internal home office efficiencies for our projects and clients, without sacrificing the breadth and quality of our technical work,” says Mihir Desai, Dexis CEO and founder. 

About Dexis Consulting Group

Dexis was founded in 2001 and is a leader among professional services firms that support US global stability objectives through civilian security and prosperity programs. We average $100 million in annual revenue and have over 500 employees working in the United States, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, East and West Africa, and Afghanistan serving primarily USAID, Department of State, and Department of Defense. The company has an active long- and short-term presence in a total of 80 countries on behalf of its federal clients. 

Inquiries: Contact Kerry Fogarty at kfogarty@dexisonline.com