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Indonesia – Partnership for Economic Growth Activity

Checchi was jointly responsible with another U.S. company for implementing the Partnership for Economic Growth (PEG) activity, at the time USAID’s principal means of assisting Indonesia to restore investor confidence in the economy, strengthen economic and financial governance, and promote sustained liberalization of domestic competition and international trade. A team of long-term advisors and short-term experts provided analytical support on key policy issues to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Business, the National Planning Agency, and the Central Bank. PEG also managed a $5 million program of grants to partnered U.S. and Indonesian organizations aimed at developing Indonesian policy-making capabilities. PEG grantees were involved in supporting the implementation of Indonesian’s new competition law, promoting policy reform in the small enterprise sector, capacity building on decentralization issues, and related institutional strengthening and policy initiatives.