Russia – Rule of Law Program

In a joint venture partnership with another U.S. company, Checchi designed and implemented a four-year program to support the development of stable legal, political, and

Ukraine – Rule of Law Program

USAID’s Rule of Law Program was designed to help public and private organizations in the former Soviet Union to develop or strengthen the laws, legal

Evaluation Services IQCS

Checchi served as prime contractor for nine consecutive USAID IQCs for evaluation and related services. Under these IQCs, Checchi completed a wide range of studies,

statue of woman holding sword and scales of justice with blue sky and clouds

USAID/Moldova Effective Justice

Improving the performance of courts in delivering quality justice services, supporting the Moldovan Government’s efforts to reform the justice system through a pre-vetting process, and providing support for a secretariat to monitor the implementation of the national Justice Development Strategy.

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