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Guatemala – Rule of Law Program

The Guatemala Rule of Law Program included activities in the following areas: increasing the use of oral procedures in the criminal justice system; improving the

Bulgaria – Judicial Strengthening Initiative

The Judicial Strengthening Initiative was the cornerstone of USAID’s strategy for advancing the professionalism, good governance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Bulgarian judicial system, thereby

Philippines – Rule of Law Activity

This USAID activity supported the efforts of the Government of the Philippines to improve public sector governance and strengthen the rule of law. The program’s

Rule Of Law IQC

Checchi served as the prime contractor of the Rule of Law IQC, which was USAID’s primary contracting mechanism for procuring services in the areas of

statue of woman holding sword and scales of justice with blue sky and clouds

USAID/Moldova Effective Justice

Improving the performance of courts in delivering quality justice services, supporting the Moldovan Government’s efforts to reform the justice system through a pre-vetting process, and providing support for a secretariat to monitor the implementation of the national Justice Development Strategy.

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